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"Menopause is a transition that may show up in many different ways. There are 12 different Menopause Types®. Treat each woman according to her own Menopause Type®. Treatment choices must also include lifestyle, nutrition, herbs, hormone precursors and natural hormones.” (Discover Your Menopause Type, pg 7)

Menopause Type® Questionnaire

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You are unique.

Ladies…seven steps to better your life:

Lab Tests


Read Discover Your Menopause Type to learn about the different Menopause Types®.

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For Healthcare Professionals


Study the free Advanced Integrative Management of Menopause document to understand your choices and determine your needs.

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Take the free Menopause Type® Questionnaire to discover your Menopause Type®.


Learn about Menopause Type® Formulations to know which formulations that are indicated for your Menopause Type®. Talk to your doctor about the protocols that can be used to customize your care.





Understand Your Hormones


Find a Healthcare Professional who has taken the Management of Menopause Type® Program to discuss healthcare needs.


Order the Menopause Type® Test & Wellness Report (saliva test) through your healthcare professional to understand your hormones.


Work closely with your Healthcare Professional to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Young Ladies…

Learn about PMS, PCOC, and Thyroid.


Learn about Andropause and Thyroid.

Healthcare Professionals Only:

Healthcare ProfessionalsYou are invited you to take the Management of Menopause Type® Program to help us help women through their transition. Take advantage of our Practice Building Membership Campaign and make a difference…learn more.


To Learn About the Herbal Formulations Designed by Dr. Collins Go to: Phytocrine.com


Healthcare Professional can Sign Up for Free Phytocrine Protocols.


Healthcare Professionals can order saliva lab tests (Menopause Type® Test & Wellness Report) by calling 319-390-4535



Mission Statement: Our mission is to redefine menopause as a passage unique to each woman, to meet the unique needs of each woman by recognizing her Menopause Type®, to be the premier resource for information on therapeutic choices, and to connect women with dedicated healthcare professionals.

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